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We appreciate the opportunity to introduce Seba as a quality oriented steel distributor and supply company and are confident we can add value to your steel procurement efforts. Seba is a second generation family business founded by Selim Baysal, MSCE as an engineering firm in 1950’s and was trusted with important infrastructure projects; then transitioning into a technically sophisticated steel supply and distribution company in the Americas in the 1980s with HQ in Houston, Texas.

We never forget that we have our family name on the line to preserve, as Seba is a family owned business with many community investments in both continents. Over decades of successful transitions through many business cycles, Seba’s commitment to quality with engineering principles remained constant. Seba group of companies are prime steel distributors in various industries with different specializations. Carbon, Alloy, and Heat Treated steel products are part of Seba's portfolio as we depend on a sophisticated engineering team, which is rare amongst competitors.

At Seba, we work directly with steel mills and possess many years of successful working relationships, which is the source of our business confidence. Our staff of several highly-skilled, experienced engineers regularly audit our steel mill partners and randomly inspect order rollings. We require our engineering team to perform a thorough mill inspection and pre-qualify each and every mill we introduce to our supplier portfolio. Seba is engaged in all steps from production to loading, shipping, stevedoring, and in-land deliveries with quality as our first priority, which provides us a preferred rating for our $10 million product liability insurance policy.

For further information on our company, please inquire, as we can provide a more detailed presentation on various Seba entities and specific products and mill portfolios.

F.D. Baysal - President

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